Friday 24 September 2021

A novel based on a true story of scandal and cover-up

My new novel, based on the true story of Florence Martha "Florrie" Cox, has now been published. It is available as a paperback and Kindle ebook on Amazon and an ebook on Smashwords

Ignorance is not bliss

Florence Martha " Florrie" Cox was born into a deeply religious family in Melbourne, Australia, in November 1887. She had an unremarkable life until she married a Baptist missionary sent to India. Were it not for the author coming across a lost family group photo, almost nothing would have been known about how Florrie was innocently caught up in a scandal that led to a cover-up by the Baptist Church and the Supreme Court of Victoria. The author uses fiction, based on knowledge and plausibility, to explore the unusual events that engulfed Florrie and those around her.

Some events have been combined or imagined for dramatic and interpretive purposes. 

Of necessity, most of  the dialogue is imagined, but the author believes it is consistent 

with the personalities of the characters and events that took place in India and Australia.


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